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New Molecules in Anti-aging Creams

When our skin is young and healthy, there is a perfect balance and a perfect cycle in its structural elements. The amount of cellular destruction and cellular regeneration rate are in balance. The barrier function is solid. However, as we age, the balance between the destruction and renewal of the structural elements of the skin deteriorates. Barrier function gets damaged. Therefore, a large amount of water is lost in the epidermis, from the upper layer of our skin. Ceramide deficiency has been shown in dry skin, such as atopic dermatitis. For this reason, formulations containing ceramide are preferred for dry and mature skin in tropical applied creams. However, in recent research, another lipid, whose deficiency plays a more role in aging, has been identified: Cholesterol Based on this, in the anti aging creams produced in recent years, the formulations mainly cholesterol have come to the fore. What is the correlation between this fat loss in your skin and aging?

There is a chronic dehydration in mature skin. The protective effect of the oil is reduced. This causes the barrier function to deteriorate, thus insufficient protection from external factors and irritants. Dryness and areas with poor barrier function occur on the skin. Thus, the firmness and brightness of the skin gradually decreases. Tropical products with ceramide, cholesterol and omega fatty acids renew the barrier function of the skin, thus moisture. The skin is better protected from external factors. There are various products, treatments and protocols that are applied in skin rejuvenation. However, treatments that restructure the skin's barrier further increase the success of other treatment protocols. Do not neglect to consult your doctor which products are suitable for you.

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