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Botox Ankara

Thanks to Botox Ankara services, you can easily get the results you want. Thanks to the changes and innovations made in technology and medicine, you can always have the chance to look younger. In this sense, Botox stands out with its ease of use and benefits. Therefore, it is an application that is frequently preferred by many people. There is no doubt that the attention required in this regard is to pay attention to Botox. In addition, not performing such interventions by experts may cause bad results. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the place where the intervention will be made very well.

What is Botox ?

You can have the chance to get sturdy results on Botox Ankara. Botox procedures have been preferred in recent years. These operations can be done easily. In general, it is a protein produced from a bacterium. In this way, especially wrinkles in the face area can be intervened. In addition, it is a system preferred by those who want to raise eyebrows. Those who have suffered from migraine in recent years also prefer Botox.

How is Botox Applied ?

Briefly summarized, Botox is a kind of injection procedure. It needs to be done by experts. The area to be botox will be cleaned primarily. After this cleaning process, anesthetic cream is applied first. After this application is done, it is waited for 20 minutes and the area is fully numb. Afterwards, botox application is started. Botox application generally lasts between 10 minutes and 15 minutes. In this process, the specialist makes injection into subcutaneous muscle areas with small needles. Thus, the process is completed.

Who Can Have Botox ?

The experts' opinion underlines that it is approved for Botox between the ages of 18 and 65. Of course, the nature of the intervention to be made is also important. Such an operation can be performed under the age of 18 for facial paralysis or a different medical condition that is needed.

Are There Any Side Effects of Botox ?

Interventions to be made in the right places regarding the botox process are of great importance. After the correct interventions, the side effects do not appear to be much. There may be a rash from time to time. This is also related to the sensitivity of your skin. At the same time, headaches may occur in some cases. In cases of rash, there is an opportunity to cover these areas with make-up. Therefore, it must be said that it is an intervention that can yield results without any trouble. In addition, it will be healthier to talk to your specialist about side effects.

How Long Does Botox Last And When Will I Return To Daily Life ?

The Botox process is generally a very easy process. In fact, this can be completed within 15 minutes in a single application. You will start to see the effects within 7 days for the first time. While the effects start from 3 days, the process is completed around 4 to 5 months. Of course, this process should also be evaluated correctly. If the process is repeated, the process may be prolonged. In the meantime, you do not need to wait for the to return to daily life. In general, it can be considered as a quick, simple and non-healing intervention. Therefore, you can immediately return to your daily life.

Is Botox Made Under Narcos ?

There is no need for narcosis when botox procedure is to be performed. In this case, ice compress or anesthetic effective cream applications will be applied. In fact, what is important in this regard is that your doctor decides what kind of intervention to do. You can get more detailed information on this subject by contacting our clinic. In addition, we ensure that this intervention is made by showing the necessary sensitivity for you in Ankara. Thanks to the presentation of the most aesthetically correct results, you can move more easily.