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Concentrated Growth Factor Ankara

We will give you general information about the concentrated growth factor Ankara in this article. We will give you information about how this procedure is performed and what should be done while performing the aesthetic operation. Of course, it is an operation that has made its name known and attracted people's attention in recent years.

What is Concentrated Growth Factor?

Concentrated growth factor Ankara is a technique that has become popular in recent years. It provides the rehabilitation of cells and tissues. It is a special system. Thanks to this technique, tissue rehabilitation can be provided very easily. Natural growth factors and the stem cell system come into play. As is known, very serious steps have been taken in aesthetics, thanks to the stem cell system. It emerges as a system that can be easily applied. It can even be applied to injured areas.

How to Performed Concentrated Growth Factor?

It is necessary to know that there are actually various applications for the Concentrated Growth Factor application. It is applied to an injured area and applications to the skin and body cavities are performed differently. For example, how to apply to an injured area? Let's explain this. First of all, the injured area is cleaned carefully. After this cleaning process, it is poured into the damaged tissue together with the platelet solution. After that, the remaining plasma fluid is injected into less damaged areas. The self-regeneration of the body, that is, the regeneration process will be completed. The healing potential will also be stimulated. The injection method is not the only method used. At the same time, it is ensured that these procedures are performed in the form of a swab or for a mask. Even it is a system used by estheticians in the form of eye drops in dry eyes. Even it is a system used by estheticians in the form of eye drops in dry eyes.

Who Can Have Concentrated Growth Factor?

Concentrated Growth Factor is a procedure that anyone can has. The main thing here is that it is definitely checked and done by an expert. Because especially in the injection process, it is necessary to act very carefully. Otherwise, it may be difficult to get exactly the desired results.

Are There Any Side Effects of Concentrated Growth Factor?

There may only be a rash at first, especially on wounds. However, you will not be faced with any other problems. It is a very healthy and comfortable procedure. In recent years, the stem cell division technique has also offered a great treatment advantage. It is a system that can also be used in this sense.

How Long Does Concentrated Growth Factor Last And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Concentrated growth factor process is a process that needs more attention when other operations, namely aesthetic operations, are considered. The situation is different if it is applied in the form of a mask or an application in the form of a cream. However, if a deeper change is to be made, then the process may change. If it is not applied to wrinkle correction or a temporary wound, the procedure will take between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. You can continue your daily life immediately after the procedure. You can return to your daily life completely within a week and ten days.

Is Concentrated Growth Factor Performed Under Narcosis?

We have just given an example of an injury while describing the concentrated growth factor. Of course, this is a procedure that can be done under anesthesia. However, considering the aesthetic operations, it does not need to be performed under anesthesia. It can only be done as a local anesthetic. In fact, as we have just mentioned, there are cases where these operations are performed in the form of a mask. There is no need to apply any action for these. This is where expert opinion comes into play. It is very important to get absolutely expert knowledge about the aesthetic procedures to be done. This is also very important in order to get clear results after it is done. In this sense, you can consult to our clinic. Our clinic in Ankara has been serving you in the best way for years. Our experts will convey the necessary information to you and you will be able to benefit from these procedures in a much more comfortable way.