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Dermapen Ankara

Dermapen Ankara is known as an effective method on its own. Dermapen gives results without pain. We will endeavor to give you information about this method in general. How is it done? How is it implemented and what is the general logic of the process? We will try to explain to you in detail on this subject.

What is Dermapen Treatment?

You can get detailed information about Dermapen Ankara from this article. Dermapen also provides opportunities for combined applications. We can also use it in fractional laser treatment or chemical peeling treatments to achieve effective results. In addition to offering a very fast healing process, it also has a feature that can be applied to laser peeled skin. As it provides the development of collagen tissue, it can also be used easily on hair, neck and face areas.

How is Dermapen Treatment Done?

Dermapen treatment can be done in many areas. It can be easily applied especially in problem areas related to scalp, neck, face, acne scars or tissue loss. These processes are concluded by the expert between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. After completing the procedures in the application area, tissue development begins immediately and tissue loss is repaired. It gives very successful results for both women and men and emerges as a satisfactory application. In this sense, it should be said that it offers a comfortable result.

Who Can Have Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen treatment emerges as a suitable form of treatment for everyone. Both women and men can have this procedure at any age they want. Of course, as in every aesthetic procedure, it is still very important to consult an expert. Because in some cases, experts may direct you to a different application. Thanks to an application that is suitable for your skin system and texture, you can get results without any problems. In this sense, definitely consult with a specialist and performing this procedure through the expert opinion will produce healthier results.

Are There Any Side Effects of Dermapen?

There is no side effect in dermapen procedures. However, of course, it is a procedure applied on the skin, and sometimes a rash can be seen in the first hour. However, after 1 hour, the damage caused by this process will be over and no side effects will be seen. There has been no problem in the applications made so far and it is easily applicable. It should be said that it is highly preferred due to these advantages.

How Long Does Dermapen Treatment Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Dermapen is a treatment that takes between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Of course, the extent and width of the application area are very important here. Sometimes the application lasts 60 minutes and results can be obtained with a 30-minute session depending on the formation of the deep. You can return to your daily life immediately. As I just mentioned, there may be only 1 hour of redness.

Is Dermapen Performed Under Anesthesia?

Dermapen procedures are never performed under anesthesia. Only anesthetic creams are used. Thanks to these anesthetic creams, it is possible to prevent any pain, even if small. However, as I have just mentioned, it is of great importance to consult experts on these issues and to get information from experts, especially in order to have the appropriate procedure for your skin. In this sense, our experts will give you the necessary information. In the Ankara region, you can reach us at any time and have the chance to reach more specific results from our experts.