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Dermaroller Treatment Ankara

We will try to give detailed information about Dermaroller Ankara in this article. Dermaroller, which is a frequently used method in the treatment of skin problems recently, can be used in many areas such as acne scars, hair problems, dark circles under the eyes. In this article, we will try to clarify many issues such as what the dermaroller is and how to use it.

What is Dermaroller?

Let's try to give the necessary information about how to do the procedures Dermaroller Ankara. It is generally known as a rolling cylinder shaped tool. It contains small needles on the dermaroller. These needles make small holes on the skin and the holes are too small to be seen. However, the substance to be given under the skin can be given more easily. Thus, it can be reached more easily in the lower layer of the skin. It is used comfortably to repair especially stained, wrinkled, cracked, dry, damaged skin surfaces. Here, of course, the length of the needle should be chosen very well and it should be done very well.

How is Dermaroller Treatment done?

Dermaroller treatment should definitely be done by expert hands. Because as a result, it is a process to be done on the skin with thin needles. In fact, it provides benefits in many aspects. There are 192 small needles on the dermaroller. You can apply it at home. However, you may be seriously hurt and have difficulty. Here, when you consult the experts, you will be informed about how to proceed. In general, anestol ointment is used. It may also apply anesthetic creams. After performing this process, it is waited up to half an hour and thus the area is numb. The dermaroller you will use on your face should usually be about 0.5 millimeters high. Otherwise, large needles can cause serious pain.

Who Can Use Dermaroller?

Dermaroller can be used by anyone. It is important that it is done by experts only in these uses. When applied at home, you may encounter very serious problems after large needles. Therefore, it is necessary to act carefully.

Are There Any Side Effects of Dermaroller?

When Dermaroller is applied by a specialist as a treatment, it can be used without any trouble. However, of course, we may encounter situations that people frequently use at home, as it stands out too much. It can cause serious pain on the face, but also has consequences that can lead to injury. Therefore, it should be applied by aesthetic experts.

How Long Does Dermaroller Treatment Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Since dermaroller treatment is not like any surgery system, you can easily continue your daily life right after the application. Here from time to time, we encounter situations where ice compress is used. Ice compress both relieves this area and offers an easier use. However, the process definitely changes according to your wishes. It is a process that can take from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

Is Dermaroller Treatment Performed Under Anesthesia?

In dermaroller treatment, anesthetic creams are generally used. Anesthesia is not performed. However, creams and ice are recommended for those who do it at home. However, as I have just mentioned, it is useful to focus on it, it will give much healthier results if it is done by aesthetic experts. When you want to get detailed information on this subject, you can consult our experts. Our experts will provide you with information about dermaroller treatment, as well as how you can reach these results more easily in Ankara. In this way, you will also get much healthier results.