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Endolift Laser Network Ankara

What is the Endolift Laser Network?

Endolift is a new technology with a new wavelength, used in the treatment of skin, face, neck, jowl, jaw line stretching. It provides an intense increase of collagen and effective stretching and rejuvenation of the skin. Immediately after the application and within months, it increases more and more in the face and sagging cheeks, sharpening of the jaw line, a significant reduction and lifting in the face and jowl. This new technology with a wavelength of 1470 mm is applied in America and Europe.

How is the Endolift Laser Network Applied?

Laser energy is given under the skin with a laser microfiber as thick as a very thin hair. An incision and surgery is not required for this. Photobiomodulation energy is transmitted under the skin. Because the laser fiber is very thin, it can be moved easily under the skin and can be used on the whole face, jaw line and jowl. There is no scar left.

How long does the Endolift Laser Network effect last? How long is it permanent?

The effect occurs immediately after the endolift application. However, the effect increases over months. The final result is achieved in six months. However, the healing process in the skin continues for 2 years. Unless a lot of weight is gained, the duration of effect is quite long. A permanent effect is provided, but since the aging process varies from person to person and depending on age, it cannot be predicted when it will be needed again.

How does the Endolift Laser Network work?

Intense heat is dispatch under the skin by laser fibers. Immediately after the application, collagen synthesis starts to increase, the skin is stretched. With laser energy, both the tension and the melting of excess fat are provided. In particular, sagging fat on the edges of the chin, fats that contribute to the formation of nasolabial lines and sagging, excessive fat in the jowl and sagging in the jowl are removed by a non-surgical method. The jawline looks sharper and more dynamic as in young people.

How long does the Endolift Laser Network application take?

It is numbed with local anesthesia. The process takes about 1-2 hours. The duration of the procedure is prolonged or shorter depending on the area to be made and whether fat is taken or not. During this application, if a mini liposuction is to be performed, it takes 2 hours, if not it takes 1 hour.

What are the application areas of Endolift Laser Network?

Endolift can be applied to face, cheek, jaw line, jowl, armpit sagging and knee sagging.

Will there be any scars after Endolift Laser Network application?

After the application, there is no scar left. it is not obvious from the outside. There are no complications such as rupture asymmetry in the ropes.

What are the Endolift Laser Network prices?

Endolift prices vary depending on the area to be made and whether laser liposuction will be performed or not. Contact us for more detailed information.