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Face Lifting With Filler

Face Lengthening with New Injection Techniques

With age, the fat pads on our face begin to sag and melt. Skin elasticity is lost and osteoporosis occurs. The anatomical relationship of our facial fat pads with other aponeurotic tissues provides lifting, in other words face lifting and stretching, with hyaluronic acid fillers that provide high elasticity outside of surgery. Face lift, face thinning and lifting with filling made using this relationship are called Aponeurotic Face Lift. This new technique is spreading rapidly in the world and the effect of stretching, lifting and even thinning is created without inflating any part of the face.

By using the relationship between the Aponeurotic layer, which we can reach with the focus ultrasound on the muscle, and our fat pads, it is possible to reduce the sagging of the face by working only at 3 determining points. Especially the sagging under the chin decreases and the jaw line can be straightened and tightened. Filler selection is important, of course, it is up to the physician's experience to use the fillers with significant lifting power obtained with new generation special techniques, in the right areas according to their density.

In Hollywood, we see the jaws getting longer. They sometimes exaggerate this, but a pointed chin in women and a strong chin in men can produce more visually pleasing images.

Exaggerated practices are now avoided. natural images, or just compensating for losses, are becoming more important.

Pure hyaluronic acids applied under the name of youth vaccines are so popular.

In one session or 3 sessions, applications that lose the fine lines that provide moisture to the skin and only slightly plump the skin have started to take place in our lives.

It seems that hyaluronic acid applications, which make the results satisfied, will always exist in our lives from time to time.