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Lip Filler Ankara

It should be said that lip filling Ankara is preferred especially by those who complain about the thinness of the lips. What is the easiest and most effortless method in this regard? How is it done? Let's try to give you detailed information on this subject. In general, some people may not be satisfied with their lips for a structural reason. They may want better lips. In this case, it appears as an aesthetic intervention. Interest in lip filling operations is increasing rapidly.

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filling Ankara is an intervention that will make your lips look more pleasant in general. It is an aesthetic procedure made to have more accurate and desired lips. While to give information about how to do it in general, we can say that it is a procedure performed by injecting fillers in and around the lips.

How Is Lip Filling Performed?

When lip filling is to be performed, it is necessary to consider the aesthetic facial features of the people. It is of great importance that it is done in a way that will not disturb the facial aesthetics after the aesthetic procedure to be performed. Sometimes people are not satisfied with their lips. They want to have too much filling. However, if this filling will also distort the shape of your face in general, the aesthetic specialist can warn you about it. We can summarize that lip filling application is generally injected into the inner and peripheral part of the lip. In this way, it appears as a procedure performed by an aesthetic specialist. In fact, these situations occur due to the disappearance of hyaluronic acid in the body over time. In a sense, thanks to this filling, it increases the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Who Can Have Lip Filler?

Since lip filling is an aesthetic operation in general, it should not be performed before the age of 18. Only in some cases, if there is a health intervention situation, then this age can be reduced with the approval of an expert. It is an aesthetic intervention that can be easily applied between the ages of 18-65.

Are There Any Side Effects of Lip Filling?

Of course, one of the questions on the minds of those who want to have lip filler is about the risks and side effects. To explain this in general terms, the substance injected here is actually hyaluronic acid. This is an acid found in the human body and accepted by the whole world. Generally, side effects can be seen, but these effects are temporary. Among the possible side effects, redness and tenderness around the lips, and sometimes mild swelling are encountered, especially in the area where the injection was made. However, these are short-term side effects. In some cases, the second or third application may be required after lip filling application.

How Long Does Lip Filling Take And When Will I Return To Daily Life?

Of course, one of the questions asked is how to return to daily life after lip augmentation. It must be said that there may be differences depending on the type of filling. General application time lasts up to 30 minutes. After the application, patient can leave the clinic and go home on the same day. The impact of the application can be immediately seen. In some cases 2nd or 3rd applications may be required to complete.

Is Lip Filling Performed Under Anesthesia?

Lip filling is not performed under anesthesia. However, since these interventions can sometimes cause pain, anesthetic creams are used. You can contact our experts for more detailed information on this subject. You can easily reach us in Ankara and get information on the subject you want. You can also easily have the necessary aesthetic procedures done through our experts.