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Ankara Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

The pores on the skin can become blocked over time due to the effect of external factors such as dust, smoke, oils produced in the pores, cell circulation, etc. In addition, situations may arise that may adversely affect skin health or aesthetic structure for various reasons. Skin care using medical care products in order to eliminate the existing problems of the skin and to protect its health and beautiful appearance is called medical skin care.

One of the most important points in medical skin care is to treat according to skin type. Every skin's needs are different. A smooth, smooth-looking skin does not need a special process that can be called a normal skin structure. Special and different applications may be required for all skin types such as dry skin, combination skin, oily skin and aged skin.

How is Medical Skin Care Performed?

As mentioned above, different approaches may be required for each skin. However, there are certain common procedures generally followed. First, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and make-up and then dried. After drying, cleaning is performed again with the help of a gel. Dead cells in the upper layers of the skin are removed with peeling. Intensive warm steam treatment is also one of the important stages of medical skin care. At this stage, both the skin is softened and the pores are opened. Since the pores are opened, a sterility solution is applied to the skin to prevent bacteria from entering these pores. After this point, peeling and gel procedures can be applied again. Then, with radiofrequency treatment, the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin can be increased and skin tightening can be achieved. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen that the skin needs are also given to the skin with the help of a serum. Generally, it ends with a massage with medical skin care, moisturizer and sunscreen creams.

Medical Skin Care Products

Products used in medical skin care are medical health products and their quantities should be well adjusted and used. Which products and procedures to be applied and how much is decided by skin analysis to be made to the person. The ingredients of these products are also intense ingredients that will act quickly. They must be used with care in order to get correct results.

When Should Medical Skin Care Be Performed Again?

The intervals of medical skin care may vary depending on whether the person has a skin problem, what the problem is, and the person's skin structure and type. When we look at the problematic skin in general, a tighter process can be performed to treat the problem at first. Apart from this, medical skin care is a beneficial procedure to be continued continuously. It is a kind of care and is made to protect the beauty and health of the skin. We can say that it should be done approximately once a month or 1.5 months.

Medical Skin Care Prices

In accordance with the laws of our country, it is prohibited to publish the prices of the transactions on the internet. Medical skin care can be done to solve different skin problems or to protect the health and beauty of the skin. Therefore, medical skin care prices may also vary according to these factors. In addition, the city of the clinic where the procedure will be performed and the year of the procedure are also important. It is quite natural that skin care prices are also different from previous years. You can call 0 (312) 219 18 82 to be informed about the subject and to ask your questions.