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Thread Face Lift Spider Web Technique

The spider web, one of the controversial facial rejuvenation methods a few years ago, began to take its deserved place in the world.

Previously unwanted side effects, such as scarring, scarring in the stitches, has started to be used more and more safely with the development of technology in thread production and the development of application techniques of doctors.

In order to tighten the skin in loose sagging skin, it is not possible to recover the sagging, especially in the cheeks at the edges of the chin, with non-surgical methods. However, we can create this effect partially with the spider web.

It is more effective in tightening the skin with small thin threads, and long thick threads are more effective in lifting the face mechanically.

Deeper application is made with cone threads.

This effect lasts for about 1 year.

Small touches made every year keep us in good condition for many years to prevent the occurrence of excessive and unnatural results. For this, it is necessary to get a doctor as a guide.

Combined treatments with spider web give more obvious and more natural results.

For example, procedures such as PRP, CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor), and hyaluronic acid, which are made immediately after the application, both accelerate the healing process and provide an additional contribution to the regeneration process in the skin through different mechanisms.

Or, filling applications made with spider web make an important contribution in lifting the face.