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Vit C and Glutathione

Hormonal changes occur with aging and internal aging also occurs besides the external appearance. The epidermis layer of the skin becomes thinner. The connective tissue matrix is reduced. The secretion of sebaceous glands is reduced. All of these add a new line of UV exposure and the skin becomes thinner, sagging, dry and wrinkle increases.

Genetically, the epidermis and connective tissue matrix in men is thicker. Sebaceous glands have more intense secretion. Therefore, internal and external signs of aging are less. UV rays cause an increase in reactive oxygen radicals compared to a woman of the same age and therefore an aging of the skin. Molecular reactions with elastin increase over time due to the accumulation of ROS. In the microscopic examination of collagen, elastin, proteoglycan and other skin cell building blocks, the damage caused by ROS manifests itself as severe dryness and redness, pigmentation (spotting).

Vit C and glutathione are very powerful antioxidants. Vit C and glutathione also inhibit melanocyte synthesis, preventing UV-induced skin staining and darkening. Vit C UV increases both the quality and the number of collagen molecules damaged. Finally, the ROS produced by UV rays and the increase in melanin synthesis caused by it (causing spotting) makes the skin dry, dark, dull. Vit C and glutathione repair the collagen of the skin damaged by ROS and stop the darkening of the skin. A brighter and more moist skin is formed.